Is It Good to Use Anesthetic? And Things to Note After Tattooing

Using anesthetics when getting a tattoo is very popular on the tattoo market today. This medicine is applied topically and relieves pain when using needles that create fine lines on the skin. However, is this safe to use? And after the tattoo to note what? Please follow the article below to get useful information!

Is it good to use anesthetic when getting a tattoo?

The answer is up to you. In fact, those who are tattooed but are afraid of pain or the first time they get a tattoo want to use anesthetic when tattooing . However, using anesthetics can reduce your pain by 70% – 80%, but it does not completely eliminate the pain. But the ability to absorb skin color when tattooing will also be reduced by 20–30%. So you have to understand that the teaching tools are not wrong “without pain, there will be no success”. And tattoos without anesthetics will look and color better than anesthetic tattoos. So if doing a tattoo in the less painful areas you can try to bear a little pain for a beautiful tattoo. If your tattoo is done in areas of pain and danger. Then the safest option for you is to use anesthesia to minimize pain!

Things to know after tattooing

Not only before tattooing but after the tattoo you must also pay close attention to protect tattoos. Especially to ensure safety for health. Here are some things you should avoid to get the desired tattoo results .

Stay away from alcoholic beverages

This is the first rule to remember before and after the tattoo. Using alcohol makes it harder for blood to clot than normal, and the heart beats faster. At this time, it may lead to running plasma when tattooing makes tattoo ink not eat into the skin.

After tattooing should also abstain from drinking alcohol, beer within 03 to 07 days. This is to avoid the pain and undesirable color of the tattoo that you just got on. The first 24 hours do not allow water to enter the tattoo area.

Avoid foods that cause allergies

You need to pay attention to eating after tattooing. Foods that cause allergy when the skin is damaged must absolutely abstain from seafood (cause itching, burning), foods cooked from glutinous rice (cause fester), spinach (keloid scarring) and some foods eat you or allergy, so your tattoo is smooth, beautiful and not protruding.

Maintain a healthy menu with plenty of green vegetables, fruits and vegetable proteins. This is also a way for skin to recover faster and have a better tattoo.

Keep away from chemicals

Within a week after getting a tattoo, you should absolutely avoid cleansers like: shower gel, shampoo, soap, … And all kinds of cosmetics such as perfume, lotion, powder, … You must not let they fall into the tattoo. Because these chemicals just cause burns, burning for wounds. Besides just making tattoo ink patchy is no longer in the original shape that you want