How Many Tattoo Machines Do You Need?

Having a tattoo on hands, shoulder, chest, or back has become a fashion and many people want to have it on their body. There are many tattoo artists who use different types of machines to design the desired tattoo. Artists need to have best coil tattoo machine to design the tattoo. People who want a tattoo on their body need to go to a tattoo parlor for their desired tattoo. They have to discuss the idea about the type of tattoo, which they want on their body.

People who want to start tattooing business need to have a tattooing along with some accessories. Let us know about various things regarding tattooing machine.

Tattoo machine

Tattoo machine can be held easily by hand and an artist can pain different types of images on the body of the client. In order to start tattooing, artists should know about different parts of the machine and their working. Tattoo machine is also known as tattoo gun and consists of metals which include coil and spring pair, tube vise, screws, a grip, needle holder, etc.

How Many Tattoo Machines Do You Need?

Working of a tattoo machine

Tattoo machines available now work on the basis of alternative current. The current is produced by coils and a capacitor. The alternating current is produced by the electromagnetic coils present in the machine. This current is received by the capacitor, which is then transferred to the two springs. The springs use required amount of current to push the needles to draw the tattoo on the body. Contact screws are available on the back portion of the machine. The artist has to hold the machine from here Needle is placed on the front side of the machine. People can find a grip which in the shape of a tube. The grip is attached to a metallic frame with the help of a tube vise. The size of the needles depends upon the design of the tattoo.

Types of tattoo machines

One struggle that a tattoo artist has to face is choosing the best tattoo machine. Many types of tattoo machines are available in the market. Each machine has different advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look at different types of tattoo machines.

Coil tattoo machine

This machine is available at an affordable cost. The machine is very powerful and its performance is very good. Artists can use it for a long time.

Rotary tattoo machine

The machine runs with the help of electric motor. It is light in weight and available at mid-range price. There is less irritation on the skin in comparison to other machines.

Pneumatic tattoo machine

It is an expensive machine and air compressor is used to run it. Maintenance cost of the machine is less and people can clean it easily.

Liner tattoo machine

The machine is used to create a line. Artists can use it easily and the machine is available at an affordable cost.

Shader tattoo machine

The machine is designed in such a way that it is used to give a shade of black ink. The speed of the machine is slow in comparison to other machines. The skin irritation is less.

Besides this, there are many other types of machines available and artists can choose the one, which is better for their business. An artist should have more than one machine in order to design different types of tattoos. He should also know the ways of operating each machine.

Factors to be considered to buy a tattoo machine

People can buy either a brand-new or a secondhand machine but they need to take care about various factors so that neither they nor their clients face any problem. In the case of second hand machine, people need to select the one in which all parts are working fine. The price of new machine can be high but it will serve the artists for a long time.

Tattoo artists should have a close look at the machine and test each part before purchasing it. Artists can also buy a handmade machine but they need to go to the store to check every part. A brand new tattoo machine can be costly but a second hand machine can save a lot of money. If an artist plans to purchase a second hand machine, he has to check the cleanliness and also check whether each part is working or not.

Purchasing a tattoo machine online

People can also purchase a tattoo machine online but they need to read reviews of the website from where machines have been purchased. Reviews about machines are also important. One advantage of this type of shopping is that people can buy the machines available in different states and countries.

Tattoo machines can be fake

If an artist plans to buy a machine online he needs to check about the authenticity of the machines Artists have to keep in mind that only handmade machines are the fake ones. Duplication of rotary tattoo machine can be done easily. People who have no or little knowledge about designing a tattoo make such types of machines. The fake thing that these machine developers do is that they replace the actual tattooing needle with a paper in which sewing needle is attached.

Purchasing tattoo machine kits

After purchasing the machine, people need to purchase tattoo machine kits. The kit includes different types of things like power, ink, tubes, needles, and first aid kits. Artists also buy tattoo gains along with a foot switch and electrical supply. Let us have a look at some of these parts.


The task of the needles is to push the ink on the skin. Needles are available in different sizes and artists can use the one suitable for the design.


The task of the tube is to hold the needle at the place so that it can be used properly for designing the tattoo.

Wrapping up

These are some of the things, which people need to keep in mind while purchasing a tattoo machine. Along with it, artists also need to buy tattoo make designs.