Tattoo artist in San Diego, California – Hoss Cruz

Welcome to my tattoo and art portfolio – A collection of images of my work.

The process begins with your initial idea. A simple direction from you is all I need to illustrate a concept. Your choice in color, size, and placement will be fully planned before the official session.

My professional studio is located in North County San Diego. Friendly and loyal service to provide the best tattoo experience.

Unique tattoo design evolves from the freedom to create.

Creative Design

Being an experienced oil painter, color theory and painting technique are the main characteristics of my work as a tattoo artist. Planning your new addition is important for the best tattoo experience. If you need help deciding on what to get, I have a collection of original designs available upon request.

Illustrating on Skin vs Stencil on Paper

Most of my artwork is free-hand illustrating on skin with markers, in order for the design to flow accurately. This is great for those areas that are curvy, as paper is a flat surface and the stencil will morph during application in those areas. Another benefit is that the artwork will fit the area on your body with accurate composition.

Stencils on paper are perfect for planar surfaces, floral design, portraits and realism – 3D styles.

Cover Up and Enhancements

Cover ups and fix ups can be also enhanced by planning the right design. For best tattoo coverage, the size of your new artwork should be larger. A design that has greater details of certain textures will work best, along with the appropriate color or greyscale value configuration.

Color and Greyscale Cover Ups

  • Color cover ups can completely alter both greyscale and colored tattoos.
  • Greyscale tattoos cannot cover up colored tattoos, though, it can alter other greyscale works.

Advise for the Best Tattoo Experience

Having a full day dedicated for the official session is preferred in case the art requires extra time. The time it takes to complete a tattoo can always vary due to creativity in the process.

Bringing a guest for moral support

Using moisturizing creams/lotions on the area before your session will allow the skin to absorb the ink faster. Some skin textures are naturally rough or dry, thin or thick, this helps the ink to settle beneath the skin with ease.

It is necessary to consult in person for planning. If you are traveling to San Diego and can’t consult in person, I can provide an alternative.